Industrie-expedition/Ostrava/Mine “Michael”


History of Mine “Michael” dates back in 1843 when the Austrian began excavating in Michalkowice near Ostrava two mine shafts.
One of them was Michalkowice Shaft No. 3, was given the name “Michael” in honor ofthe late emperor’s court adviser Michael Laier. It represents an extremely valuable, authentic group from the construction industry and technology. Mine was rebuilt in 1915, designed by renowned architect František Fialy.

The object enters a unique group of electric hoists and compressors from the beginning of electrification,  baths mining, transport of the tippler bridges, , mining extraction buildings with mining cages. The tour will take you to the same path thatevery day the miners climbed in the early changes. The exhibition has the character of”the last day of work.. Extraction of Mine “Michael” was completed in 1994
Currently, mine is a national cultural monument, and there is a chance for her in theclassification of monuments that are part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. In areas of the main building often hosts exhibitions, theater performances and other cultural events.


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